Win free fuel with DCL

DCL is offering clients the chance to win fuel every week. Each week five DCL clients win £50 worth of fuel.  

With fuel costs at record highs, we recognise that these price rises will affect our clients more than the average member of the public. 

With this in mind, we wanted to give something back to our community of clients.  Every week we’re giving away £250 worth of fuel to five clients. 

Like you, we hope that fuel costs will begin to fall back to normal levels, but in the meantime there are some simple tips and tricks we can all use to help us make sure we’re using as little fuel as possible. 

Top tips for saving money on fuel costs:

  1. Regularly check your tyre pressure – driving with the wrong tyre pressure is not only unsafe can have a huge impact on fuel economy. 
  2. Make sure your oil is topped up – keeping your oil levels correct helps keep your engine healthy, and a healthy engine is an efficient engine. 
  3. Reduce the weight of your vehicle – heavier vehicles use more fuel.  Check your vehicle to see if you’re carrying anything around with you that you don’t need e.g. a big bottle of screenwash in your boot. 
  4. Drive safely – rapid acceleration and deceleration is not only potentially dangerous, it also uses more fuel.  Generally, driving at lower more consistent speeds will mean you’ll use less fuel. 
  5. Don’t idle – if you’re parked up waiting for a job, switch your engine off.  Not only will it save you fuel, you’ll also reduce your emissions. 

All DCL clients are entered into the fuel draw automatically, so you don’t need to do anything to be a winner.  If you’ve not had a policy with DCL before, or are once again taking out a policy with us, you will be entered into the draw automatically. 

Terms and conditions 

  • Entry is on the basis of having a DCL Insurance policy (excluding fleet), so if you’re an existing customer you’ll be entered automatically and if you’re not yet a customer of ours you’ll be entered if you choose to take out a policy.
  • We’ll choose five winners at random each week on a Friday.  To be eligible to win you will need to be up to date on payments.  We’ll notify the winners by telephone, text or email.  Existing clients can opt out of the draw by contacting us. 
  • Within a week of winning we’ll issue you with a cheque for £50 or organise a bank transfer. 
  • The draw runs weekly until Friday 28th October 2022. We reserve our right to shorten or extend the length of the draw. 
  • As a winner you’ll agree to be featured in any marketing.
  • Prizes are non-transferrable.