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If the unfortunate should happen and your vehicle is involved in an incident; you must report it as soon as you can regardless of whether you believe you are at fault or not.

When reporting an incident it is helpful if you can collect and provide as much information as possible including:

  • An in-depth account of the incident including location, number of vehicles and persons involved and incident circumstances.
  • Third party details including full name, address, contact telephone number and vehicle registration number.
  • Witness details including full name, address and contact telephone number.
  • Photographic evidence of damage to all vehicles and/or property involved.

    Report a claim

    About the claim

    Please be as specific as possible. For example: Junction 8, A217 / North end of West Street, Carshalton, Surrey.

    Please tick all that apply.

    Damage to your vehicle

    About the Third Party

    Incident description

    Please give a brief description of the incident circumstances (including time of day, weather conditions, whether any third party was involved etc). For example: "I was travelling down West Street in Carshalton at 30mph at 2pm with two customers in the back when a pedestrian ran out in front of me. I had to brake harshly to avoid a collision and the vehicle behind went into the back of me. It had been raining that morning so the road was wet. I have the details and telephone number of the driver and the two customers. I asked them if they were okay and they said at the time that they were fine".