What does the Highway Code update mean for Hire & Reward drivers?

In 2022 the updated Highway Code came into force.  As a person who drives for a living, you are likely to be exposed to greater risk on the road and your adherence to the Highway Code can help you prevent risk to others and is important in helping us to protect your position in the event of an accident.

Hierarchy of road users

All road users are required to act responsibly and in accordance with the Highway Code, but the updated rules place a greater emphasis on the responsibility of cars, taxis and vans to prevent risk to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road

The updated Highway Code means that pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road at a junction have priority over cars. This means that as a motorist you must give way to pedestrians and cyclists on a zebra crossing, a parallel crossing and where they are waiting to cross the road at a junction.

New rules for how you should behave around cyclists


Motorists are required to give priority to cyclists who are going straight ahead at junctions.  This means that if you are waiting to turn in or out of a side road, you should give way to a cyclist going straight to allow them to cross your path.


Motorists are required to give more space and priority to cyclists on roundabouts.  Therefore you must not attempt to overtake a cyclist in your lane on a roundabout and you must allow cyclists to move freely across your path at a roundabout.  You should always take extra care when entering a roundabout and be aware of cyclists and motorcyclists.

Position in road

You may increasingly notice cyclists riding closer to the middle of the lane.  The updated guidance makes this recommendation to cyclists so it is important that you are aware of this.

Electric Vehicle charging points

The need to charge at home or on the go creates new hazards resulting from trailing wires.  The Code advises that you should minimise the risk to pedestrians tripping over by:

  • Parking close to the charge point and avoid trailing cables across pavements.
  • Display a warning sign if you can.
  • return charging cables and connectors neatly to minimise the danger to other people and avoid creating an obstacle for other road users.