Winter driving advice

We want to provide you with some top tips to help you drive safely in wintry conditions. 

Before you set off

  • Make sure that you have cleared snow and ice from your vehicle, including from all windows, mirrors and the roof.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended if you have the engine running to defrost your vehicle.
  • You may wish to pack a blanket, some snacks and water in case you break down or are involved in an accident and you may have to wait some time to be recovered.

On your journey

  • Give other road users plenty of space. Stopping distances can be 10 times longer in icy conditions, so leave plenty of space between you and other road users.
  • Accelerate, steer and brake smoothly to avoid the risk of skidding.
  • Keep your speed down, be alert and anticipate any upcoming hazards.
  • Be aware of pedestrians – in snowy conditions you may find pedestrians walking in the road to avoid icy pavements and children may be playing in the snow around schools, parks and residential areas.
  • Ensure any passengers exit onto the pavement.

Noble Claims Services manage claims on behalf of Nelson Insurance Company Limited.  You need to contact Noble Claims Services urgently if –

  • You have been involved in a road traffic accident involving another vehicle, a cyclist or pedestrian, or someone else’s property
  • Your vehicle has been stolen
  • Your vehicle has been involved in a fire
  • Your vehicle has been damaged by a flood
  • Your vehicle has a cracked or smashed window or windscreen.

You can report an incident online or by calling Noble Claims Services on 020 8370 4994

What should I do following an accident?

  • Contact the emergency services if there is debris on the road, the carriageway is blocked or you or a third party are injured.
  • Gather as much information as you can:
    1. Take photos and videos of the accident, damage to your vehicle and third party vehicle or property.
    2. Gather the names, telephone numbers and addresses of any fare paying passengers, third parties and witnesses/bystanders.
    3. Note down the addresses of shops or houses nearby which have CCTV which may have recorded the incident.
  • Do not accept or admit liability.
  • Report the accident to us either online or by calling Noble Claims Services on 020 8370 4994.

Who will repair your vehicle?
If you have a fully comprehensive policy, Noble Claims Services will arrange for an approved repairer to undertake your repairs.  If the accident is not your fault you will have no excess to pay.

Repairs through our Approved Repairer Network benefit from:

  • 5 year repair guarantee
  • Free vehicle cleaning
  • Free collection and drop off

Please see your policy wording for full details about our approved repairers.